How to clean a body pillow? – Body pillows are very good for sleeping and relaxing and they are very useful for pregnant women. However it can be dirty at any time like other bed items. The full body is seen to be a larger pillow size than a regular pillow and may be a concern how to wash it.

So how do you clean the body pad? It’s a common question. It is good to wash the pillow carefully but it should not be washed more than twice a month. This ensures that the pillow is clean without changing its shape and size.

You Should Know Before Washing the Pillow

When you want to wash your pillow, check the tag on it or contact information from the manufacturer for instructions for washing. Feather pillows should be washed down with a professional dryer.

A memory pillow is difficult to wash, as they may lose their own shape when inserted into machine. Sometimes they are washed with special instructions from the manufacturer.

If the body pillow is full of fur fibers and alternatives such as polyester, how to clean a body pillow can be easily cleaned in the washing machine. If you have a top load washer with the agitator in the middle, make sure the body cushion fits comfortably inside.

Most body cushions measure 54 inches in length. At this length, the pillow must be vertical and curved around the agitator.

how to clean a body pillow

Steps for Cleaning a Body Pillow

If you have a front load washer, you can fold the pillow in half and put it on the machine. You can also curve body cushions around the drum washer. To ensure thorough washing, you do not want a very limited body pillow.

If this happens, the soapy water will not be able to reach each pillow. If you feel that your machine is too small for pillows, it may be better to take it to washing and washing in industrial-sized machines.

Once you have a pillow inside the machine, add detergent powder to the washing machine. Liquid detergents are often difficult to rinse and can cause bottom fibers and fur to clump together.

If your body pillow is made of memory foam or latex, the clean process is slightly different. A body pillow should be cleaned properly to ensure that mushrooms are not formed on the pillow.

Latex is antibacterial but the pillow can be damaged if the device is washed. Therefore, it is better to wash the hand of this foam pillow. When hand washing a large pillow, it will not fit in the sink or bucket, so it is better to use a bath.

Fill the bathroom with cold or warm water and light detergents. Soak a pillow in the water gently start pressing the soapy water to be removed from the pillow. Then repeat this process with clean water. Before filling the bath with fresh water, be sure to rinse all traces of soap.

After a clean pillow, gently squeeze excess water without rotating or pulling the pillow. Then, you can put it in the sun to dry. The heat from the sun will destroy the bacterial of the pillow. You can also use an internal fan to dry for how to clean a body pillow.