How to clean a decorative pillow? – Whether decorative pillows are placed on your couch, love seat or favorite chair, it adds tone color and style to your living room. To keep the colors fresh and vivid, routine cleaning of pillows is required. While some throw pillows can be thrown into the washing machine, many decorative pillows require additional care that can only be managed by hand washing. Hand cleaning allows you to maintain control of the cleaning process, thereby reducing the potential damage of excessive water or excessive agitation of the washing machine.

Decorative pillows are a great way to add a comfortable personal touch to any room. Whether you’re used as a throwing pillow on the couch or a decorative touch in your bedroom, you can get your pillow dirty. Dirt, sweat and oil from your skin go to your throw pillow, leaving them in need of a good disinfection. Fortunately, you can clean different types of pillows throw yourself!

how to clean a decorative pillow

Determine the best cleaning method

Read the care poster on your pillow, if it is available. The manufacturer of the label care will mention whether the dry cloth should be cleaned or washed lightly, soap solution. The textile care label may not declare directly only clean dry fabrics. Alternatively, you might say using a water-free solution.

Select fabrics, silk, velvet or other, if there is no existing label. Silk is recognized with a smooth and shiny appearance. Velvet is soft and has a snooze on the color change day when brushed forward and backward. Velvet also has a brilliant sheen. If the cloth is located in a silky or velvet family, use dry cleaning liquid. If it falls into another category, it can be made of cotton or synthetic, both of which can be cleaned using water.

Dry Washing Decorative Pillows At Home

Most people don’t even realize that dry cleaning liquids and their clean dry items such as how to clean a decorative pillow can be purchased at home. Wear a mask if you are suffering from respiratory problems, or leave the task to serve the maid to do, because they will no doubt be trained to use the product.

Always test your decorative pillow cover fabric before cleaning everything with dry cleaning liquid. This can be done by applying fluids to small areas, hitting somewhat on the back of the pillow before proceeding. Simply moisturize a clean white towel with a little liquid, and then the smudge area hit several times. Check the towel to see if the liquid secretes one of the colors from the pillow cover. Leave the test spot dry, and then check the water stains or fade. If none of this happens, you’re ready to drain the clean pillow.

Press the pad insert into how to clean a decorative pillow cover and then fill with your hand until the pillow returns to its original shape. Your pillow will be fresh, clean and ready to illuminate your room with various colors and textures, and you will not have a dry cleaning bill.