How to clean a down pillow? – Under the pillow is made of soft feathers of goose, but the less you clean it, the longer you will last. It is recommended to wash your pillow once or twice a year. Body oil penetrates the cloth and is blocked down that makes it flat. The laundry will clean it and fluff the feather back. Do not dry cleaned due to damage to the feathers inside and always use the recommended soap for the type of bed.

Pillows can be washed in the washing machine. Some people recommend using a large front loading washer as you can find in the laundry. If you do not want to do it and use the one you have at home, make sure that it is the only thing you wash. Use a small amount of detergent and set the machine on a smooth cycle.

Clean a down pillow Ideas

How to clean a down pillow

It’s a good idea to take your pillows and blankets for washing. You can easily insert them into the washer and dryer there. So, it is less likely to get tears and feathers everywhere. Make sure that the pillow cloth is not too old or not endangered by body oil. If the pillow is flawless, place it in front of the detergent loading washer and wash.

It is recommended to use cold water and if your pillow looks dirty from body oil, try using detergent with grease to clean it.

After washing the pillow down you have finished, ring the water from the excess of it before hanging out to dry or put in drying machine. If you notice a bad smell, don’t worry. This is the natural smell of the lower fur and will fade when the pillow is dry.

You need to make sure that the pillows are completely dry so they will not develop algae. If you use a drying machine, make sure that the pillow has enough space to move. In a large commercial dryer, two down pillows will take about three hours to dry. It interferes with each drying cycle often, bringing your pillows out and fluffs them.

Take Care of Pillow after Cleaning

Take care of a pillow if you don’t use your pillow, and store it in a well-ventilated closet to prevent them from pouring. Buy a zipper to use under a normal pillow case to keep body oil from damaging. Replace your pillow if it is torn or shredded. Having proper care, down pillows will give you many years of sleepy fun.

When it’s time to wash your baby’s pillow, check the spot first if you’re washing it in the washing machine. If you find something, use a stain remover for treated topical spots. After the slick treatment, wash the pillow with cold water. Use light washing detergents that do not disturb your baby’s skin.

Choose one that contains grease so that the oil will be removed. Check out the treatment instructions for the specific detergents you can use. That’s all about information how to clean a down pillow you can practice.