How to Clean a Foam Pillow? – Memory foam is very convenient, but it tends to be fairly impractical to wash if it becomes dirty or wet. Unlike regular foam, you can’t just throw in the washing machine and let the air dry. Although you can clean the memory foam pillows, this method is slightly different from the traditional washing.

Cleaning memory foam is not difficult, but you have to know what you are doing. The first thing you need to know is that memory foam does not grow allergens or allows dust mites to form and accumulate. This means that you can store your memory foam pad for years before it has to be replaced or completely washed.

Cleaning Solid Memory Foam Pillows

how to clean a foam pillow

  1. Select the Perfect Day

Choose to clean the pillow on a warm day to speed up the drying process. Moisture is not your friend when it comes to materials that need to be air-dried. Make sure your pillow is dry before use.

  1. Fill Your Tub Or Bath

After that, you will need to fill the tub or bath with water, ensuring a warm temperature. While you’re running water, add a small amount of your favorite soft detergent. Adding a drop of essential oils can also enhance sleep, if you choose. Lavender is excellent options.

  1. Give a Gentle Rinse

Once they are clean, remove your pillow from the water and gently squeeze moisture, be careful not to squeeze or twist the memory foam.

  1. Time for Drying

The best way to dry your pillows outdoors is if the weather is pleasant. If not, put it in direct sunlight in areas with many atmospheric movements. The roof or fan box can help speed up the process.

Cleaning the Shredded Memory Foam Pillows

How to clean a foam pillow procedures of torn memory foam are similar for solid variety, although it is recommended that only the ripped memory foam can be washed when absolutely necessary.

If possible, choose to put a cleaning pillow using a damp cloth. If bathing is required, it is only important to wash the torn memory foam on a warm windy day. The pillow will dry quickly because it is weak in sunlight.

While it is important to clean the pillow in from time to time, the key to long-term relationships is to treat your memory foam regularly. Slip on a pillow cover can breathe under your pillow case for more protection.

Your best bet is to choose cotton or linen. Wash the lid at least once a month. Finally, if you do not use a pillow, store it in a vacuum storage bag to keep it clear of mold, fungi and bacteria.

Knowing how to clean your memory foam pillows will definitely come in handy once you have a memory foam pad. But if you don’t find a pillow, you might be lucky. Now, a new type of how to clean a foam pillow is growing in popularity and provides great sleep. Most users find them very convenient and refreshing.