How to Clean Silk Pillowcase? – Sleeping beauty is a real thing. We all need a deep and restful sleep to maintain good health and rejuvenate our bodies. One of the best tools for keeping shiny hair and healthy skin after sleeping at night is the case of a silk pillow. This may seem fancy with no expectation, but sleeping on a holster silk pillow offers a benefit far beyond the glamour of everything.

If your hair is prone to fizziness, silk will help to keep your locks from becoming too dry. For those at risk of acne, dermatologists recommend silk pillow cases as a way to reduce stains.

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How to Clean Silk Pillowcase

Sleep can be a dirty job, every skin care product you use and the soil on your face and hair is transferred to the condition of your pillows. Even if you shower before bed, you still have to wash the condition of your pillows weekly.

Washing pillows should be done more frequently if you have problems with acne or other skin diseases or if you suffer from colds or other viruses. Having an extra pillow case at hand is a great idea for a busy week when you can get a washing day delay. Here’s our guide on how to clean silk pillow case:

1) Machine or hand washing

We understand busy life, so we used the highest quality silk to ensure you can wash the machine on Monday. Silk is still fine and we recommend washing your hands when possible to extend the length of your pillow casing.

2) Use the right detergent

Only use a neutral pH detergent that is recommended. It is likely that there is a heavy chemical in the detergent (alkaline or ovary) that will cause silk hardening. If you are in New Zealand, we recommend using wool and Delicates from the Eco Store.

3) How to dry the case of your silk pillow

If you wash by your hands, place a silk pillow case on top of a towel and roll to extract excess water. Avoid twisting to remove excess water as it will cause silk to become folds and can damage fiber. Do not fall drying directly from sunlight.

4) Iron the silk

Iron from the inside to the outside to avoid damage to the sheen side. For more sutra protection, you could put a thin sheet between silk and iron as a barrier. Set the iron to the drop or use the silk preparation if it has one. Always make sure that your iron is clean to avoid staining silk

Since the raspberry silk pillow is very fine, it is recommended to wash by hands. Wash the silk pillow bag in warm water with non-alkaline soap. Rinse thoroughly! You can add pure white vinegar to your water to neutralize the effects of alkali and disperse the soap residue.

To maintain your natural silk luster, do not soak for more than 3-5 minutes, avoid washing in very cold or hot water, and do not use solid detergents containing bleach or brighteners. Cleaning Silk Pillowcase is better to wash separately so that the color can come out due to the nature of the silk.

So now you know how to clean silk pillowcase.