Do you have some problems with your kitchen sink and want to know how to unclog a kitchen sink? Well, you come to the right article. In this article, I collect some good tips to fix this problem related to unclogging a kitchen sink.


At first, you have to identify what and where the problem does exist in your kitchen sink. Generally, there are some parts in the kitchen sink that can cause clogs. In this case, some problems in your kitchen just need a pinch of salt and hot water. While, on the other case, you do need some tools such as plunger and auger.


Thus, spend more of your time and read this article carefully. In this article, we will discuss the whole things related to unclogging a kitchen sink based on various techniques and the parts of the kitchen sink that may be clogged. So, you can pick the best technique to increase the success rate rather than facing failures.

How to Unclog A Kitchen Sink
A Kitchen Sink

Now, let us start it.


Common Techniques in Unclogging A Kitchen Sink


It doesn’t matter how expensive, sophisticated, or even complicated your kitchen sink is. When it comes to techniques in unclogging a kitchen sink, there is some common method you can choose to solve your problems.


Let us start it with the natural one


Unclogging A Kitchen Sink Naturally 


So, how to unclog a kitchen sink drain naturally? In this section, there are some great tips that you can use to unclog your kitchen sink in a natural way. However, bear in your mind that these tips only for mild problems.


Use Hot Water 


Hot water can crush some solid and fossilized/crystalized debris in your draining system. Here is how to unclog a kitchen sink with boiling water.


  1. Use pots, bowls, mugs, cups, or whatever you got to remove the standing water first. Surely, drain it till the bottom of the sink.
  2. Pour hot water, and wait for a while until the water becomes cool and the clog moves.
  3. If it doesn’t work, repeated the process a few times. Sometimes, a harder substance needs more than once treatment to be crushed.


Check Garbage Disposal 


When the use of hot water doesn’t work, you surely need to check the garbage disposal. Sometimes, the problem lies here where the garbage disposal is clogged and cannot work well.


Also, it can happen when the machine is overheated which results in a not optimum work. In this case, you may have no idea what actually comes to your disposal that makes the machine works harder.


So, it is a wise thing to use filters to avoid hard substances go to the disposal. It makes the machine work less which leads to longer durability. In other words, it can work longer.


Use Salt and Hot Water 


Another way to optimize the use of hot water is by adding some salt. Why do we need salt? As an abrasive substance, the salt will scour clogs inside the pipe. In this case, it is also well known that copper pipe will get more impact of corrosion when it is in contact with saltwater.


So, how to unclog a kitchen sink with salt and hot water? First, you must pour some salt, a table salt precisely before pouring hot water. Just pour ½ cup of a salt table of it to the drain. Let it for some minutes. Then, pour the hot water.


Use Salt and Baking Soda 


When the salt cannot deal with the sink clogs, you can add baking soda. But, why baking soda? With its acidity that swallows the grease and debris, baking soda can be a perfect substance to deal with clogs. By adding salt, the combination of acid and abrasive substance will hopefully help you to unclog efficiently.


So, how to unclog a kitchen sink with salt and baking soda? Well, you need to mix the salt and the baking soda first. The ration for this formula is 1 baking soda for 0,5 salt. Pour them down to the drain. Let it a few hours. Then, pour some hot water. Repeat it a few times.


Clean the P-trap 

Kitchen Sink P-Trap

The other reason for clogs in a kitchen sink comes from the P-trap under the sink. To clean this, you have to prepare a big bucket under it to load any garbage and water that will come out. Then, unfasten it and clean it.


Make sure that all the thing is cleaned well. Do not let any small garbages left in the P-trap. After cleaning the P-trap, you can replace it again. And then, hopefully, your drain works well again.


Use A Strong and Thick Yet Flexible Wire 



Usually, people will use their wire coat hanger. Just straighten it and you will get a quite long wire. Well, you may not reach the deepest spot, but it works well when you add some compounds from salt, baking soda, or vinegar. So, the rest will be dissolved and easily flushed.


Do This Natural Treatment Instead 


There are some tips you can do to avoid clogging and make your sink stay work well, and even smelling fresh. It may sound weird for the last one, but here are the tips:


  1. Regularly, just pour some vinegar and baking soda. Each of them should be 0,5 cup. Pour it to the drain. Wait for a while and then flush it. Lemon juice can also work well too.
  2. Do not ever overload your garbage disposal. It is better for you to grind in a little amount frequently, rather than one single grind for the heavy one.
  3. Prepare one trash bin near your kitchen sink. Use plastic to load all the garbage from the dishes. Make sure, there is only seasoning, sauce, or oil left on the plates. You can use the garbage as organic fertilizer.
  4. Make sure you pour more water while you are draining. It makes all the things clear inside the plumbing components.


Unclogging A Kitchen Sink With a Snake 


How to unclog a kitchen sink with a snake? Well, firstly, bear on your mind that you cannot do it from above the sink unless the clogs are precisely located before the drain traps. So, what if the clogs are below the drain traps? Here are the steps for you.


Step 1. Uninstall the P-trap first 


To uninstall the p-trap, you need surely a bucket to load all the water and garbages inside the trap. So, wear latex gloves and mask to prevent the stinky and slimy things that you may find from the drain traps.


After uninstalling the p-trap, check the pipe if there is any garbages left near the upper side. If you find nothing, it means that the clogs are somewhere down there. so, it is the time to use plumber’s snake or auger.


Step 2. Use Plumber’s Snake (Auger) 


Using a plumber’s snake means that you need to be more patient, sensitive, and focus on what you face inside the drain line. Just push it slowly and feel whether there are any clogs or not. In this case, to make you easier in doing this, an electric plumber’s snake is recommended.


Here, the push and pull technique is the most effective way to unclog and destroy the clogs. It is just like you just push the cable for 3 inches and pull again at 2 inches. So, this technique will just simply destroy the hard substance.


Tips in Using Plumber’s Snake 


Unlike the regular plumber’s snake, the motor-powered one needs special attention from you. Both for your safety and the pipe installation. So, you cannot deny it.


First, you have to wear gloves, a thick one. It is a preventive way from the bending wire that can happen anytime while you are focusing on reaching the clogs. Since it is an automatic snake, sometimes you cannot really control what will happen next.


Second, you have to be completely patient and focus. Sometimes, when you hit the clogs, it seems so hard that makes you drive more the motor. Unfortunately, that is all just a thin layer of clogs. So, as a result, the motor is uncontrolled for a while and break the pipe. In this case, you have to completely be careful.


Unclogging A Kitchen Sink With a Plunger 


Unclogging with a plunger sink is the simplest thing yet effective you can do. What you need to do is just simply pull up and push down the plunger. Then, everything can be fixed easily. So far, that is how what people think. But, the reality is not.


To use a plunger effectively and precisely, you need some tricks and basic knowledge. In this section, let me tell you how does actually a plunger work and what you need to prepare to unclog the kitchen sink.


Step 1. Seal All The Other Drain/Stream Channel 


The most unsuccessful plunge trick comes when you let the other drain and stream channel open. It is like when you plunge one drain, then the water will go out from the other drain or lines. It often happens in the kitchen sink with double sinks.


You have to understand that those two sinks are actually connected. Also, if there are also other connected stream channels, just simply seal them. Here, you can use a towel or anything else as long as it is tight enough to seal.


Step 2. Pour Hot Water 


Before you start to plunge, it is better to pour hot water first. It can make your work becomes easier since they help you to crush the clogs. Let that liquid for a while till the temperature is good enough for you. Here, do not forget to wear gloves to protect you.


Step 3. Plunge Slowly 


To fix all the clogs, do pull and push slowly. Feel the resistance from the clogs. Just repeat it a few times until you give the best shot for the last. Hopefully, it can crush all the clogs inside.



Unclogging A Kitchen Sink with Baking Soda and Vinegar 


Baking soda and vinegar are popular substances in destroying any specks of dirt in household items, including a kitchen sink. So, how to unclog a kitchen sink with baking soda and vinegar? Well, it is so simple thing to do.


  1. Prepare dish soap, baking soda, vinegar, salt, funnel, and boiling water.
  2. Pour the boiling water and dish soap into the drain.
  3. Pour baking soda or funnel. You only need 1 cup.
  4. Pour vinegar and wait a few minutes for chemical reactions.
  5. Pour with hot water again to flush.


Hopefully, all the things can be dissolved and the clogging is over.


The Best Technique to Clean Parts of Kitchen Sink 


After discussing so many techniques in clogging a kitchen sink, now let’s talk about unclogging the parts of the kitchen sink. Well, it will not be a long passage because what I mention here is just the appropriate techniques that we have discussed before. So, I assume that you already know what to do.


Unclogging A Kitchen Sink Disposal 


How to unclog a kitchen sink with the garbage disposal? Well, actually it is quite easy yet challenging, especially for those who are customized with electronics machines. Here is the guide.


  1. Unplug the disposal. Don’t let any power left.
  2. Use natural cleaner first such as ½ cup vinegar and ¼ cup baking soda. Let it stay for a few minutes.
  3. Do it repeatedly.
  4. If the clog is still there, just simply ask help from the professional.



Unclogging A Kitchen Sink Pipe 


How to unclog a kitchen sink pipe? Surely there some precise ways to fix this problem in the following sections.


  1. Use coat hanger wire if you cannot get any snake or auger.
  2. Use plumber’s snake. Be careful. Do not break anything.
  3. If it is a strong material pipe, you can use some combinations of salt, vinegar, hot water, and baking soda.


Unclogging A Kitchen Sink On Septic 


How to unclog a kitchen sink on septic? Surely, you cannot use random chemical cleaners because it will kill the bacteria and enzymes inside it. So, you have you choose the natural ways to unclog it such as:

  1. Use hot water.
  2. Use baking soda and vinegar
  3. Use the only recommended septic-safe drain cleaners.


How to Unclog A Kitchen Sink On Both Sides 


How to unclog a kitchen sink on both sides? Well, it is so easy, but, firstly, find a plunger and some seal/clothes. Here is the trick:

  1. Seal the other drain/stream channel with clothes. Make it tight.
  2. Pour the combination of hot water, salt, and vinegar. Let it cool.
  3. Start plunging


Unclogging A Kitchen Sink With Standing Water 


How to unclog a kitchen sink with standing water? A kitchen sink with standing water means that the system drainage is completely clogged. So, here are some tricks that you can do to deal with this problem.

  1. Remove all the standing water in your sink.
  2. Try some recommended natural way such as by pouring hot water, salt, baking soda, and vinegar.
  3. Check garbage disposal.
  4. Clean the P-trap.
  5. Use wire or plumber’s snake.
  6. Use plunger.


Unclogging A Kitchen Sink With Grease 


How to unclog a kitchen sink with grease? Well, this is the last but not the least. In fact, it may the hardest problem that people find. Grease clogs come from the oily substance that belongs to fat foods such as cheese, oil, bacon, meat, or any other fatty foods. Now here is some method you can choose.


  1. The combination of the liquid dish and hot water. It can clean a bit as a starting point where there is no high density of grease.
  2. The chemical cleaners such as caustic drain cleaners. It is a strong substance. So, leaving it in hours or overnight in the drain system can dissolve the grease.
  3. CO2 Air Gun. When your draining system cannot resist the corrosiveness of chemical substance, you can use this air gun.
  4. The combination of hot water and vinegar in a 1:1 ratio. Well, in this case, you need more vinegar to dissolve the grease.
  5. The hydro sewer jetting. This only for the professional. Together with the auger, the pump will inject and shoot water in a high condensation which removes the grease.


Well, this is the end of the article on how to unclog a kitchen sink. Actually, all of the problems above can be avoided if you separate the garbage before washing the plates, glass, pan, and etc. It makes the septic and disposal tank also works easier.

In addition, you also need to clean the sink regularly to avoid the grease and clogs. The use of vinegar, hot water, baking soda, and salt can help you a lot. That’s what you can do as preventive ways.