How to wash my pillow YouTube? – Pillows are easily forgotten while cleaning of the house. Just because you changed the pillow doesn’t mean the pillows are clean. The actual weight of the pillow can multiply over a lifetime.

You can also invest in cushion protectors to protect the hardest. These are usually placed between a pillow and a standard pillow bag, and the fuzz around the pillow. It prevents even more absorption and is great for anyone with allergies. You should wash them regularly with your bed.

How to Wash Your Pillows by Hands

If your pillow is not safe for the machine, but also not made of foam, wash it in a large sink or bathtub. Fill in warm water and add a few drops of your favorite clothes detergent. Just use a very small amount so that you do not leave any residue. After a full sink or bathtub, cover the pillow and let it soak for 10 minutes.

Moreover, fiber pillows and fabrics to simulate the same procedures you will receive a pillow in the washing machine. Do it for 10 minutes. Drain the bathroom or sink, and run warm water on the pillow to rinse it. Repeat the cleaning process so that there is no sign of detergent. Dry the pillow next to a dried towel, as shown in the instructions above for each pillow is not a safe dryer.

How to wash my pillow YouTube

Dry Your Pillow after Washing

Whichever way you wash your pillow, you need to make sure it’s properly dried afterwards. You can’t just hang it in the washing line next to your pillow case because this will cause it to be distorted. It is best to leave your pillow for dry air on a flat surface, either outside in the shade or in a cool, dry space inside.

Some pillows may be able to go in the dryer while others will become damaged by this, so check the labels before inserting them into the dry. If you use this method, keep the heat low and check it regularly for fluff pillows back into shape.

Pillow Washing Tips

If the pillow filler is a piece of solid foam, remove the lid and soak the foam in warm water with a small amount of light detergent. It’s easier to do this in a large bathroom or sink. Rinse the foam clean and gently press out excess water. Do not put foam in the dryer. Let the air dry.

Stuffing in some pillows will be blocks if the pillow is washed. Do not wash pillows made of suede, leather, silk or wool covered with water. You can dry the pillow as quickly as possible in a well-ventilated area. Wet filler pillow can develop a fable smell if wet too long.

Worn stitches in the pillows may explode in the washing machine. If you get rid of old pillows or not in good condition, just place the net instead of putting them through the washing machine. That’s all about How to wash my pillow YouTube you have already read.

Below is a simple video about how to clean your pillow on YouTube: