How to Tile Your Bathroom Floor – The bathroom renovation project is running which means new fixtures, new walls, and even a new bathroom floor. Installing tiles can seem like a daunting task, even in smaller rooms like bathrooms.

Fortunately for you this article provides easy to follow installation instructions on how to tile your bathroom floor, and any other room you may need to tile!

Once you select the tiles you want on the bathroom floor, you can start the installation process. The materials you buy to install your tiles will depend on the type of tiles you choose. We’ve included the most needed items our route guides that include standard steps when it comes to tilting the bathroom floor.

No matter what type of bathroom floor cover is present, remove it and ignore it. Check the subfloor of your bathroom area and make sure it’s high, clean properly and suck out of any dirt and debris left. If the sub-floor is not a high, you will need to address this problem. It can take a lot of time and patience, but it is important to do it well.

A sign of the middle of the bathroom floor

how to tile your bathroom floor

This step is important if you want to be accurate. This may not be necessary for those with previous experience on the floor. This is the first time we recommend following these guidelines.

Using squares, vertical chalk lines (90 degrees) of the wall across the bathroom door. Next, tick the other lines perpendicular to the line you just created. Put the tiles down. This section requires careful attention to detail. Place two lines of tiles, one vertical and horizontal, along the chalky guidelines.

You should adjust the tiles so that the appropriate fit between the walls. Use tile to control your accuracy when it comes to how far the tiles are spacing put out.

After the first two lines, you want to put the next tile in the furthest corner of the bathroom, and then work it out towards the entrance of the bathroom for how to tile your bathroom floor.

Press down on each tile as soon as you place it over the mortar and make sure it fits safely. You have to use the levels on the tiles that have been placed to ensure that they feel completely flattered and completely flat.

Tile Your Bathroom Floor Steps

Depending on the equipment on your bathroom floor, you may need to cut tiles to fit around them. Measure the tiles that must fit and seal them with a chainsaw. Let the tiles sit dry according to the mortar instructions. Once the tiles are ready, it’s time to carefully pull out the separator tiles.

Mix enough plaster with water in another bucket. Apply with a shovel on the tile line. Do this in part and make sure to remove the excess plaster on the tiles with a damp sponge as you go along.

Don’t worry about plaster appearing darker than you intend and it will dry in a lighter shade. If you are very worried about the color, dry a piece of plaster with a hair dryer to determine what it will look like.

Once the pedestal tiles are finished (and disinfected from any excess plaster), allow them to dry. Make sure there is no single step in the tiled frame for at least one or two days. That’s all about how to tile your bathroom floor you can do.

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